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HKP provides legal services for consideration, pursuant to the regulation of Ministry of Justice SR 655/2004 “Fees and reimbursement of attorneys for providing legal services” Col. Standardly, the conditions of remuneration (together with other conditions of providing legal services) are subject to individual agreement with a client, most frequently in the form of a Retainer Agreement. The retainer agreement might be concluded only for a particular case (ad hoc), or for particular type of legal services provided to a particular client during agreed time period or without limited time period (indefinite period of time).

Possible ways of remuneration for services provided by HKP are the following:

There are several combinations of above mentioned ways of remuneration (mainly in case of judicial proceedings), based mainly on remuneration from time to time, taking Fee per hour as the basis (or monthly credit) and a “bonus” for achieving success e.g. in the form of Share rate.

Pursuant to the regulation 655/2004 Col. , our office has beside entitlement to fees for legal services, entitlement to:

Since the attorney´s office is a taxpayer (VAT), agreed remuneration rates do not include VAT, i.e. remuneration as well as the costs and reimbursement (except for judicial and administrative fees) are invoiced to the client together with relevant VAT rate.

Invoicing of provided legal services is conducted on monthly basis (after the end of the relevant month). Specification of each legal act within the provided legal service as well as incurred costs and reimbursement are attached to the invoice.